‘Survivor’ recap: Who to vote out — irritating or conniving?

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The David Tribe, at least part of it, is stunned by the vote to get rid of Jessica. Davie says he was shocked, but he has to hand it to Christian and Nick; they played him.

Davie feels a bit betrayed because he wasn’t clued in on the plan, and Christian tells him it was all Gabby’s idea, so now Davie is worried about Gabby.

Nick and Christian, Team Mason-Dixon, say they broke the tribe apart and now they have to put it back together like they want.

Carl is devastated by the vote. Jessica was like a daughter to him, and it made him miss his family and home. But he’s always worked hard; he’ll need to turn it up a notch.

Bi says she was hurt, but now she’s woke. She was just going along with what everyone wanted, but no more. She’s going to fight. She tells Carl and Nick that she blames Gabby for the Jessica blindside, and in a perfect world, Gabby would go home next.

On Goliath, John goes fishes and proudly brings back a fish that is only slightly larger than a guppy. Everyone pretends to be thrilled. They then have hermit crab races.

Meanwhile, Natalie is being boss lady. Mike is tying a knot and Natalie thinks it would be best if Alec tied it.

Jeremy and Mike are bonding. Jeremy really wants to go fishing with the spear, but he’s afraid that he’ll lose it and get voted off. Jeremy opens up to Mike about how much he misses his dad, who had Alzheimer’s.

Mike likes Jeremy, but he’s worried that Jeremy isn’t very trustworthy, and he doesn’t want to get taken down with him.

On Camp David, Christian and Gabby are trying to figure out what Slam Town is all about, and why Goliath John, the professional wrestler, is mayor of it. These two are so cute.

Meanwhile, a hate and distrust is brewing against Gabby, and Nick is working to encourage it.

On Goliath, the tribe members are cracking coconuts with rocks and pounding things with sticks. Jeremy is uncomfortable because he sees people breaking up into pairs and having conversations.

Jeremy sits the tribe down and tell it that all these side conversations are unhealthy for the tribe. There’s no need for strategy talk because they haven’t lost a challenge, the implication being they never will.

But Jeremy can’t follow his own advice. He tells Alec, Alison and John that Dan has an idol, which makes him look even more shifty after the speech he just gave about no need to talk strategy.

Immunity Challenge

The rain is pouring, and Jeff Probst is impressed that every time there is a challenge, the weather is miserable, but they are all smiling. We’re not sure it’s smiles or grimaces, but whatever.

Most of the challenge involves ropes and getting through obstacles, ending in a puzzle where two players on each team have to build a pyramid. Winning tribe gets pillows, hammocks and chairs; losers go to Tribal Council.

Two of the Goliaths have to sit out so that the tribes have an equal number of players. Natalie says she really wants to solve the puzzle, a choice we suspect she will soon regret, and the decision is made to sit Natalia and Angelina.

The Goliaths, led by Alec in the first leg, gets off to a strong start, but the Davids, thanks to Bi, catch up and thus are just a little behind when both tribes start working on the puzzle. Alison and Natalie spend their time saying how it doesn’t go together, while Christian and Gabby, the two nerds on David, use logic and geometry to solve the thing.

The Goliaths will be making their first visit to Tribal Council, and Natalia is anticipating writing down Natalie’s name with a big smiley face.

At Camp David, everyone is happy, although they are worried about Bi, who hurt her knee during the competition. Bi is worried, too.

On the Goliaths, Natalie decides she needs to win some folks over in order to keep from getting voted out. But she’s Natalie and things don’t go well. She starts with Jeremy, who she immediately criticizes for not being more supportive. Jeremy says she has irritated so many people, it would be an uphill battle that he’s not keen to take on.

Surprisingly, however, not everyone is ready to chop Natalie. Angelina and Alison find Natalie annoying, but not a threat. This would be a good time to blindside Jeremy, they say.

Mike doesn’t like that plan. He likes Jeremy and he considers Natalie to be a drain on morale as well as being useless in challenges.

The tribe appears split. Alec thinks Jeremy is trustworthy. Natalia is voting for Natalie. Even if it’s a smarter vote to get rid of Jeremy, she just hates Natalie so much she wants her off.

Jeremy is sitting with Kara, Dan and John when Natalie asks to talk to them — without Jeremy — and an argument ensues. Natalie finally says that the conversation had nothing to do with Jeremy, but that Jeremy makes everything about him, so that’s it, no more talking to Jeremy.

Tribal Council

Jeff Probst asks Angelina to describe how miserable and real the conditions are, as the rain beats down on them. They all agree it’s pretty tough.

Jeremy then spills his guts about how nasty, useless and clueless Natalie is. He says he had tried to help her — he did — but she just shut him down. Natalie says that’s the problem with Jeremy. He says hurtful and untrue things.

Jeremy says if he dropped dead right now, nine of the tribe would come to his funeral, but if Natalie died, no one would show up. Now that’s cold.

The others chime in about how both of them are sort of irritating. Natalie says she’s impressed that all of the discussion is about her. She’s not a threat and she’s extremely loyal. Jeremy says she will flip instantly if there is a tribe swap.

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Eventually, they get tired of the conversation and decide to vote so they can go back to being miserable at camp. But will they be miserable with Jeremy or Natalie?

The tribe votes, 9 to 1, to keep irritating and get rid of the threat. Jeremy heads silently off to Loser Lodge.

Next time: It’s a tribal mix up.

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‘Survivor’ recap: Who to vote out — irritating or conniving?