Showcasing Saudi culture, ‘Mobheron’ art expo makes waves in Khobar

Wed, 2018-05-16 04:03

ALKHOBAR: Four Saudi artists have set sail across the Kingdom with a traveling art exhibition that portrays the country’s magic in a range of artistic styles.

The word “Mobheron” is Arabic for “sailor” — and the Qatif artists and friends say the “Mobheron 2” exhibition at Desert Designs gallery in Alkhobar city is part of their dream to “sail the world of art.”

Muneer Al-Hajji, one of the artists, said: “Each of us presents a unique kind of art. We have about 30 pieces that are affordable, and easy for interested buyers and art tasters to acquire.

“The art pieces in the ‘Mobheron 1’ exhibition last year were completely different than the art pieces in ‘Mobheron 2’ exhibition this year.”

The exhibition embraces a number of art styles, including realism, modernism and abstract art, with a variety of materials on display.

Some art pieces portray regions of the Kingdom and their heritage through different colors, materials and motifs.

“I started with realism art by drawing horses and then slowly moved to abstract,” said another artist, Fadhel Abushoumi.

“I mostly use black and white with certain techniques where I can mix the constant, which represents Saudi tradition, with the variables that represent the continuous progression of the land.” 

Hussain Al-Musawif, an art teacher and the sailor in the group, explained his motivation: “My work usually focuses on the sea environment because I am a sailor and obsessed with the sea. This gives me a broad dimension to work with, even with the choice of materials used.”

A third member of the group, Abbas Al-Roqaia, said: “The Kingdom is making great moves in culture and art. That it is for the advantage of all artists.

“Such steps can contribute highly to reinforcing unity in the Kingdom, showing that opportunity is for everyone and the Kingdom is for all Saudis.”

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Showcasing Saudi culture, ‘Mobheron’ art expo makes waves in Khobar