Pack a punch with Indian label Saaksha & Kinni this Eid

Mon, 2018-06-11 14:14

DUBAI: Indian label Saaksha & Kinni isn’t an obvious choice for your Eid attire, but it’s one that should be firmly on your style radar.

The brand has more than eight years of experience in designing embroidery swatches for the likes of Balmain, Elie Saab and Armani and two years ago decided to translate that expertise into a series of whimsical garments.

The Spring/Summer 2018 line, titled “Forza,” is ideal for the hot months ahead, with pops of fuchsia, lush rainforest greens and sparkling whites in a collection of breezy skirts, robes and dresses.

“The inspiration behind our collection lies in the Indian state of Gujarat,” the designers told Arab News.

“We discovered the angarkha (a traditional upper garment), once worn by men in court and on the battlefields — a sharp piece of design that served to protect. We fell in love with the idea that it carried femininity in its fierceness, a concoction that has always spoken to our core. Look closer and Gujarat will come alive to you in the form of the archetypical bandhani and batik prints intermingling with dark florals.”

The line also boasts the traditional mirror embellishments common in this area of India, leading the designers to declare that “with Forza, we are paying our respects to the past, discovering the present and creating for the future.”

The brand’s aim is to take its luxe-bohemian garments to an audience outside the Indian Subcontinent, all the while representing India and staying true to the country’s heritage.

It is exactly why the pair behind the brand believe the Arab world is such an important market for their designs.

“We think our designs would work well in the Arab world as they empower women with their bold colors, edgy silhouettes and strong embroidery, yet maintain a certain level of intimacy and modesty that Arab women value.

“The fabrics we use and (our) silhouette choices also lend themselves well to both the climate and traditional cuts of the Middle East.”

That is certainly true of their summer collection, the pieces of which would not look out of place at an informal Eid Al-Fitr lunch or iftar gathering.

A multi-tiered, polka-dotted dress in white and black stands out as the perfect choice for a hot summer’s day with its floor-length skirt and cool, comfortable material.

Meanwhile, a beautifully delicate lavender ensemble features an origami-style pleated skirt printed with intricate, sketch-like patterns alongside a billowing cape embroidered with mirrored tiles at the cuffs. It’s a statement piece that manages to retain its grace and femininity while still turning heads.

It almost perfectly encapsulates the label’s design ideals, explained by the founders as both feminine and fierce.

“The woman we create for is unafraid to explore her feminine-meets-fierce side, all the while keeping it luxe-bohemian. Nothing’s unassuming here. It’s layered, enigmatic, even at times surprising. And yet it’s comfortable, playful and easy. Quite like us. Quite like many women we know.”

You can browse the designers’ collection online at, where prices and delivery options are clearly listed.

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Pack a punch with Indian label Saaksha & Kinni this Eid