November 8th, 2018: Jupiter's Transit of Sagittarius



  • Jupiter in Scorpio inconjunct Uranus Rx in Aries (29

  • Jupiter enters Sagittarius (7:38 AM EST)

  • Moon conjunct Jupiter (0 deg)

Jupiter’s Sag ingress is the big news today, but it’s
interesting that a few hours before this happens Jupiter will make
an awkward inconjunct to Uranus Rx, in the final degrees of

This is quite the exit for Jupiter in Scorpio – a disconnect
between deep philosophies and truths (Jupiter) versus sudden breaks
for freedom (Uranus). There’s an impatience here – a push to
dredge up any remaining secrets/resources but a restlessness and
intolerance for depth. The resulting tension can propel you forward
as new horizons beckon (Sagittarius). Just remember that Uranus Rx
in Aries is pushing you to revisit what hasn’t yet been
liberated. And is there something buried that you’re leaving

Maybe you’ve had enough of Scorpio heavy.

Well, welcome Sagittarius. Jupiter rules this Fire sign, so
it’s at full strength. That means big promises, big stories, big
ideals and big adventures. You may get fired up by a truth that you
want to shout from the rooftops. This is the transit of the
preacher, the missionary and the zealot. The highest ideals will
emerge, as well as people’s versions of the truth.

The urge for new horizons will be irresistible. This is the time
for adventure, for learning, for delivering your message. Jupiter
in Sag is expansive knowledge (the ideal transit for furthering
your education).

This transit can also bring out the fanatics. Sagittarius is the
sign of religion (not spirituality- that’s Pisces). Religion can
comfort or incinerate. It can lift you up, or people can use it as
an excuse to do horrible things. Expect more of both during this
transit. On a personal level, this might be a good time to examine
your faith (you may end up questioning it or finding it).

In general, I see this transit as inflammatory. For many this
can be a good thing. If you’ve been down/stuck/directionless
Jupiter in Sag can light the fire of your future. There’s
something on the horizon to aim for now. There’s hope and
optimism and humour. For others, this transit can inflame twisted
beliefs and self-righteousness.

Sagittarius’ truths are not always fact.

Note that the Moon will conjoin Jupiter a few hours after its
ingress. This will be a brief influence, but it can be a marker for
a key incident that kicks off this transit. Emotions will be high.
This will be purely intuitive energy: follow your gut. Does it feel
good? A door into the unknown may open, but you’ll have to judge
if it’s wise for you to enter or not. It will probably be
exciting, either way.

Jupiter will exit Sag for Capricorn on December 2nd,

Source: FS – All – Astrology
November 8th, 2018: Jupiter's Transit of Sagittarius