March 15th, 2019: The Way Forward



  • Pisces Sun trine Cancer North Node (24 deg)

  • Mercury Rx in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius (23

influence (Mercury Rx trine the North Node)
Sun/North Node can be seen as a spotlight that illuminates the way
ahead (the North Node is the future). Watch for a sense of vitality
that encourages you to keep heading in the direction that feels
(Cancer) good/satisfying. You may be a bit more vulnerable (but not
to the point where you’re unsafe) and there’s a difference
between accessing feelings in a healthy manner versus making
yourself a victim. Pisces and Cancer together is about empathy and
tuning into what’s behind the hard shell.

Mercury Rx/Jupiter can be the repeat of a promise, big idea or
hope from
February 22nd.
Now you’re questioning the details of the big
opportunity and they’re shifting or fading. Remember that a
square to Jupiter means exaggeration, so what you hear/learn will
not be completely in line with what’s possible. That’s not to
say it’s impossible, just that you need to be savvy about

Big words need to be analyzed until you get to the truth is
(which will be much smaller than what you currently know).

This is the second of three squares, so it’s not over yet.
Don’t get discouraged if questions come up – this potential may
take a bit longer to realize. In some cases, this could be a second
chance at an optimistic vision. Either way, know that the story is
still not clear, and that’s ok – it’s not meant to be (yet).
Yesterday and today’s aspects to the North Node insist that
you’re still moving in the right direction.

Overall, despite the questions, today’s energy hints that
something better is coming.

And it is!

Source: FS – All – Astrology
March 15th, 2019: The Way Forward