January 10th, 2019: Precursor to the Jupiter/Neptune Square

Lawrence Alma-Tadema


  • Moon in Pisces sextile Mercury in Capricorn (8

  • Moon in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn (12

  • Moon in Pisces square Jupiter in Sagittarius (13

  • Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune (14 deg)

The Pisces Moon starts off on a relatively grounded note as
sextiles to Mercury and Saturn keep things stable. Realistic,
defined words and boundaries act as anchors to Pisces’ dreams and
escapist tendencies. You may begin something with sober

But the Moon’s square to expansive Jupiter and conjunction
with Neptune suggests you’ll quickly forget about the shoulds, as
a rush of enthusiasm and fantasy push you past the limits. It will
be easy to overdo it or float off on a cloud of something pleasant.
Jupiter brings on the good feelings and sense of greatness (it’s
all good and possible) while Neptune encourages you to let go,
dissolve or forget. Note that the square is a tense aspect, which
means Jupiter’s influence will be exaggerated – too much, too

No judgements here – sometimes we all need to escape and just
feel good. But make certain that anything crucial is completed
before the Jupiter square hits (6:48 pm EST).

This Moon will briefly activate the applying Jupiter/Neptune
square while reminding you (via Mercury and Saturn) that there are
still rules to follow if you want to manifest something.

I discussed this in the most
recent horoscopes:

“…on January 13th, Jupiter in Sagittarius
makes the first of three squares this year to Neptune in Pisces.
This is the soap bubble influence – beautiful, buoyant
possibilities. Jupiter expands by increasing hopes and
opportunities while Neptune expands by dissolving boundaries. But
when they form a hard square, there is tension between hope and
belief, truth and dreams. This square can introduce a lot but much
of it may not be real.

Since the Mercury/Saturn conjunction occurs on the same day, pay
attention to what you know rather than what you hope for.
Jupiter/Neptune brings great creative potential that can, if
handled with caution, manifest into something beautiful.”

Source: FS – All – Astrology
January 10th, 2019: Precursor to the Jupiter/Neptune Square