I spent a week asking everyone I met to tell me how to be happier — here are the 7 things they suggested

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  • Happiness
    is achievable, and there are
    scientifically proven
    ways to achieve it.
  • I decided to spend a week asking as many strangers as I
    could how to be happier,
    and I found their advice refreshing, useful, and genuinely

Ask strangers about happiness
and watch what happens to their facial cues when you do it. Little
smiles are likely to turn up on the corners of their mouths, and
brows may furrow slightly as they come up with answers.

I’m not sure what, exactly, I anticipated getting in response to
my questions, but I did spend a week asking strangers from all
walks of life for advice on how to increase my own happiness.
Nobody was ready to respond off the cuff. Some people needed to
take a moment to collect their thoughts, but many were actually
happy to advise.

This article could have been different if it were crammed solely
happiness studies from behavioral scientists
. But in speaking
to strangers about happiness,
I found not only genuine and sincere words but some universal and
practical advice for anyone to use. 

Here are the seven best responses I received:  

spent a week asking everyone I met how to make more money — here
are the 7 things they suggested

1. Give to others.

One of the most popular responses I received was to start giving
to others. The winter holidays were wrapping up during my interview
week, and one could feel the spirit of giving in the air.

Retail manager Nick told me that giving to others is his go-to
move for achieving happiness. “I love giving and not expecting to
receive,” he said.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that the act of
giving back can benefit
our physical and mental health. 

2. Find ways to control your stress.

People of all ages were quick to pass this advice on to me, but
not everyone elaborated on how exactly they go about avoiding

Miriam, a macaroon baker, told me that she doesn’t stress out
about the future because she “lives day by day.”

Though everyone deals with some form of stress on a daily basis,
there is room to control your perception of your stressors. One
conducted by The University of Wisconsin found that people who have
a positive perception of stress in high-stress situations had a
lower risk of their health being adversely affected by stress than
even those in lower-stress situations.

3. Embrace a spiritual practice.

Spirituality was another key to happiness that I found in
chatting with strangers of all ages, from twenty-somethings to baby

Fitness specialist Aryana told me: “Find a spiritual practice
you’re able to embrace.”

Cookie salesman William said that his approach to happiness
included a spiritual practicing of compassion. “You should embrace
the good things and live with kindness and understanding,” he

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I spent a week asking everyone I met to tell me how to be happier — here are the 7 things they suggested