Egyptian Khaled Yousef’s ‘Karma’ to be shown in cinemas during ‘Eid’ after censorship controversy

Tue, 2018-06-12 19:19

CAIRO: A new film by prominent Egyptian director Khaled Yousef will be shown in cinemas during Eid Al-Fitr shortly after it was reported that authorities have banned screening the movie.

The film “Karma” stirred endless controversy after it was reported Monday evening that Egypt’s General Authority for Censorship has withdrawn the film’s licenses to show at cinemas during Eid, without providing reasons for the decision.

The film’s team said they had obtained permits to screen the film to the public since last April.

Local reports said intensive negotiations have been carried out with officials at the Ministry of Culture and at the censorship body to allow the film to be shown.

Yousef said in comments on social media Tuesday that the “crisis is over” as he offered his gratitude to the “state’s sovereign institutions.”

“The previous decision of censoring the film has been canceled without committing any content from the film. The movie will be shown during Eid,” the director said.

“Karma” revolves around two people who never cross paths, but face common life circumstances, according to a press statement issued by MAD Solutions for the Arab Film and Entertainment Industry. It is reported that the film discusses the issue of interfaith marriages.

The movie is written and directed by Khaled Youssef, and features a wide range of actors.

It marks Youssef’s return to the silver screen after a seven year hiatus.

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Egyptian Khaled Yousef’s ‘Karma’ to be shown in cinemas during ‘Eid’ after censorship controversy