December 1st, 2018: Mercury Rx Into Scorpio

 Photo by Anthony DeRosa from Pexels

Photo by Anthony DeRosa from Pexels

  • Mercury Rx returns to Scorpio

  • Mercury Rx in Scorpio sextile Vesta in Capricorn (29

  • Vesta enters Aquarius

Mercury backs out of Sagittarius and returns to Scorpio,
activating issues from October 30th (when it first
exited Scorpio for Sag). Now as Mercury is retrograde, the
questions that have been raised about the story, promise or big
picture (Sagittarius) go a step deeper, to what lies beneath.

Mercury Rx in Scorpio is the transit for digging into secrets,
peering into the shadows and obsessing about an obscure/taboo
issue. This portion of Mercury’s Rx transit might take you to
some dark places, but you’ll definitely learn ultimate

Mercury/Vesta enhances this concentration (Vesta is about
devotion and pure focus) on one issue. This may have first caught
your attention around October 16th, when
Mercury/Vesta connected by sextile at 9 deg Scorpio/Capricorn. Now,
the matter has progressed (we’ve moved from the early to the
final degree) and you may be peering intently at it as you drill
into the heart of the issue.

What is demanding your full attention? Know that there’s more
to uncover, but you’re almost done (Mercury stations direct on
December 6th).

A few hours after this, Vesta moves into Aquarius. After the
brief but intense period of concentration, the sign change suggests
awareness of more detached, universal subjects. Vesta in Aquarius
is about devotion to the group (in an abstract way) and/or the
freedom to be you, no matter how far outside the lines this places

Keeping in mind that Vesta always involves limits (which create
the sacred focus) this transit can light the fire of uncompromising
freedom or it can enhance existing feelings of being an outcast.
Consider the contrast between what you saw in Scorpio’s depths
versus the clear light of Aquarius’ detachment.

Vesta will exit Aquarius for Pisces on February 1st,

Source: FS – All – Astrology
December 1st, 2018: Mercury Rx Into Scorpio