All the biggest moments from the 'Westworld' season 2 premiere

Westworld season 2Warning: Huge spoilers for “Westworld” season two. If you aren’t caught up on the series, read at your own risk.

“Westworld” aired its season one finale in 2016, and for the last year and a half fans have been trying to answer a lot of questions. Some of them got answered in the season two premiere Sunday night, but as always with “Westworld,” the show raised even more.

The season two premiere, called “Journey Into Night,” is a bit slow-paced as it does more set-up than a typical episode of “Westworld.” But it still throws in some action and promises some excellent (if confusing) storylines for season two.

The premiere sets up some exciting pairings (like Maeve and Lee Sizemore), introduces new characters, and opens the possibility of showing off other parks beyond Westworld.

Here’s our recap of the the season 2 premiere of “Westworld”:

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We still can’t trust a “Westworld” timeline.

This episode might seem straightforward, but most scenes are told from Dolores or Bernard’s perspective. Since they’re both hosts, we might think we know what we’re seeing (or more importantly, when), but we can’t be too sure based on what the show pulled on us in season one.

The premiere picks up right where season one left off: after the host massacre Ford initiated.

According to Karl Strand, a new character and the Head of Operations, the parks within Delos Destinations lost communication for about two weeks. 

We get an idea of where Westworld and the other parks are located.

If you watched closely, you’d know that Delos has jurisdiction over an entire island. When Bernard is observing Strand talking to a man in a military uniform, Strand tells the man that Delos has “authority over this entire island.” This gives us a better idea of where and what exactly this land of expansive parks is.

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All the biggest moments from the 'Westworld' season 2 premiere