38 unique gifts to give your best friend — all under $100

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At least once a year, you get to thank your best friend for
being your own personal saint for the other 364 days of the

They’re the ones you rely upon, confide in, and plague with
everything from menu choices to whether or not you should move
across the country for this new job. So when the holidays roll
around, it can be difficult to find something adequately thoughtful
to give to that most important person — especially within the
relatively affordable under-$100 range.

To make things easier for you, we put together a list of 39
unique, thoughtful gifts that your best friend will actually love
to get — all for less than $100.

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A high-tech towel that’s better for their hair

Aquis Lisse Luxe Long Hair Towel, available on Sephora
Amazon, $35

Aquis’ cult-favorite hair towels have inspired a slew of rave
reviews online, including one
from our own team of reviewers

The towels are made from a proprietary fabric called Aquitex
that’s composed of ultra-fine fibers (finer than silk) that work to
reduce the amount of friction the hair experiences while in its
weakest state. It also prevents hygral fatigue — the stretching
and swelling of wet hair that makes it vulnerable to frizz and
damage — by cutting the hair’s drying time by 50%.

Note: Currently unavailable on Amazon

A customized map of their favorite place on earth

Customized Grafomap, available on Grafomap, from $49

Memories tend to be tied to specific locations — places that
start to signify whole periods of our lives: where you met your
best friend, where they grew up, where they met their significant
other, where they went to college. Grafomap lets you take that
place and those memories with you through customized maps. You can
adjust, pan, and zoom to specific spots; add or remove text; select
the size, frame, and orientation; and opt for a specific color
theme that matches their interior.  

Insider Picks senior editor Ellen Hoffman tried it,
and the
process of turning an ordinary map into a work of art only took
five minutes
. At $49 for a 18-inch by 24-inch print, it’s
affordable, too.

A small but powerful Bluetooth Bose speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth
Speaker, available on Amazon, $79 (Originally $99)
[You save

The term “small but mighty” gets thrown around a lot, but this
small Bose speaker is only a little larger than the phone used to
control the music — and has a much bigger sound. It comes in
three colors and has a six-hour battery life. 

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38 unique gifts to give your best friend — all under 0