25 cold weather wardrobe staples for women we swear by for our own closets

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Ideally, we would be handed a list of fall’s best essentials and
odd, word-of-mouth hidden gems when the first leaf turned brown.
But, instead, most of us spend hours in the wan light of a computer
squinting at page four of Nordstrom results trying to find the
right pair of jeans.

For you (and for me), I asked our team of product reviewers to
divulge their all-time best fall and winter finds. As people who
test thousands of products throughout the year to determine what is
good, what is gimmicky, and what’s an unusually great value, we’re
especially picky about what we ourselves buy. 

Below, we’ve rounded up 22 of the fall essentials we feel most
grateful for — and wear most often — in the fall and winter:A
classic thick wool mock-neck sweater from REI

REI Co-op Wallace Lake Mock-Neck Sweater, available at REI,

This may be the item I wear most in my fall closet. It’s a
spot-on update to the classic thick wool knit sweater. Its
mock-neck silhouette makes it slightly cooler — and more
proportionate on the body — than your average sweater, and it’s
oversized without becoming misshapen or bulky thanks to its clever
patterning. It’s thick, durable, and only faintly itchy; I wear it
without an undershirt without any discomfort, but anyone especially
sensitive may want one. REI’s stereotypical allegiance to quality
also means it feels like it will last me many winters to come. All
in all, it has been a great find for $100.  — Mara
Leighton, Insider Picks reporter

$70 Everlane jeans that sculpt the legs and never bag out

Everlane Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny, available at Everlane,

Let me begin by saying that I am extremely picky when it comes
to jeans, and that I didn’t want to like Everlane’s Authentic
Stretch denim. (People loved Everlane’s debut denim line, I did
not). However, I’ve come to rely on my own black pair more than any
other in my closet for work, weekends, and even plane rides— I
could perform an Olympic gymnastics routine and they would retain
their shape. Plus, they look amazing on — sculpting and slimming.
I fluctuate between a size 26 and 27 and I’m glad I got the 26 in
these. For $70, they’re one of the best discoveries I’ve made.
— Mara Leighton, Insider Picks reporter

An extremely comfortable tights from an emerging startup

Heist Tights, available at Heist, $34

One of my favorite pairs of tights are these soft, comfortable,
and durable ones from a new brand called Heist. I like that it
comes in both low and high waistbands, neither of which roll or
twist into my skin and make me regret putting on tights that
morning. You can also say goodbye to the gusset, which is usually
poorly designed and doesn’t fit well anyways — it turns out
tights, like these ones, can be perfectly comfortable without it.
— Connie Chen, Insider Picks reporter

These tights have been my go-to pair since I first put them on.
They’re durable enough to withstand my none-too-gentle handling,
and soft enough to be worn all day comfortably. I’ve always had the
peculiar misfortune of getting a stomach ache when wearing tights
— no matter the size — thanks to the pressure around my waist.
These still have a very subtle control (really more like smoothing)
top, but they remain one of the only pairs that I can wear all day
without pain. Love them. — Mara Leighton, Insider Picks

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25 cold weather wardrobe staples for women we swear by for our own closets